Party in Melbourne

There are many kinds of wildlife and reptile show available in Melbourne.
These range from boring static displays, through interactive shows, that are best described as a show and tell type of affair, to a proper hands on experience where people can get to hold the animals. With numerous businesses now operating in the animal space in Victoria and elsewhere in Australia and most having very fixed views on the best way to educate the kids, it is worth shopping around before committing to a given incursion provider.
The boring static displays are usually along the lines of a series of glass fronted cages where people can look inside at the animals. Some even turn up with a bus or truck and cages lining the vehicle, where people walk past and view. There is no handling at all and little interaction, either between the audience and the animals or for that matter the provider of the display and people who have booked them. The interactive show is quite different and typically involves a wild life handler getting the animals out of boxes, one at a time and doing an interactive show and tell. These include the mobile wildlife display and mobile reptile show kind of events.
The interaction is usually along the lines of the children’s show allowing the kids to ask questions as the display runs.
These are of considerably better educational value for schools, kinders, mothers groups and child care centres because they ensure that the kids do in fact see the animals. In a static display, the animals are usually doing their best to hide from prying eyes and so often appear near enough invisible to the children. Most people will walk past a line of cages, looking inside each and be done in a few short minutes at best. Sometimes a boring static display can be viewed within seconds and it is all over. However with a show and tell kind of affair, an audience can be kept engaged for up to an hour and sometimes even longer.
Primary Schools, secondary schools and other older people need something with a bit more grunt and it is here that the hands on wildlife displays come into prominence.
Hands on reptiles was registered as a trademark by the snake man Ray Hoser after everyone else in the wildlife business attacked Hoser for allowing people to hold animals at his displays. In court in 2008 and again in a number of later cases, they submitted that there was no educational value in letting people hold the animals and Hoser was in fact convicted, fined and held up for public hatred for doing his hands on reptiles shows and the very act of letting people hold the animals.
The court findings against Hoser were overturned some years later in the Victorian Court of Appeal, in September 2014, but for the previous several years Hoser was demonized by other animal show providers and the tabloid media. Initially the trademarks office refused to register Hoser’s hands on trademark.
That was because the trademark examiners thought that this was something all wildlife displayers would want to do. They wrongly thought all displayers would want their clients to be able to hold the animals in hands on shows. However when Hoser showed that he was alone in doing this (at the time) and that all others in the business were violently opposed to the concept, Hoser was given the registered trademarks. He also applied for and got the similar trademarks, hold the animals and handle the animals to ensure that no one else could later hijack this market position.
Since Hoser was cleared by the court of appeal in 2014, a number of imitators have realised that the public at large prefer the hands on reptiles experience to the boring static displays or the not quite as boring show and tell displays. Some now some of the imitators even let people pat or touch the reptiles and claim this is hands on, as in hand on reptile.
However, only Hoser and his company let people hold the animals and this is why he is now not only the most frequently sought after displayer but also now very protective of his trademarks. He doesn’t want people to be misled into booking hands on reptile shows, expecting to be able to hold the animals and then finding that they are not. There is also the other reason why Hoser protects his trademarks and yes, it does come down to money.
With his shows being regarded as the best in Melbourne, inexperienced imitators are ripping of his intellectual property to mislead and deceive people into booking their services instead. This is done mainly via online means to divert Hosers clients to their own businesses, and without Hosers knowledge and so Hoser has had to engage lawyers to stop the bootleggers. This has been both time-wasting and costly, in that it has diverted Hoser away from what he does best and this is educating people about reptiles and other wildlife.
So in other words, if you live in Melbourne and are seeking a snake show or wildlife display in Victoria where people can hold the animals, be it a reptile show, reptile party or birthday parties entertainment, make sure it is the genuine article.

Hope this has been of help